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Cafe Caprice

501A 4th Avenue S.E.
Medicine Hat
T1A 2N5
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Contact Person: Lottie or Michael
Phone: 403.526.8767

Hours of Operation Monday to Friday - 10:00 am - 3:00 pm.   Features Appetizers Soup & Salads Sandwiches & More Beverages & Specialty Drinks DessertsJOIN US FOR NIGHT DINING EVERY LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH, MENU, SPECIAL FEATURES AND LIVE MUSIC!!!!! RESERVE YOUR TABLE TODAY call 403-526-8767


Last Thursday of each month is our German Special- with choices from studels, spatzel or knipfla

Here at Cafe Caprice everything is homemade but the bread............

Choose from 2 or 3 Homemade Hearty Soups each day:

Monday: Brocolli Cheddar

Tuesday: Newfoundland Split Pea & Dumpling

Wednesday: Cream of Mushroom

Thursday: Borscht

Friday: Boston Style Clam Chowder

Try our Spinach n Cheese, Ham n Cheese or Grilled Cornbread on the side


Spinach & Artichoke Dip - $12.95
A special blend of cheeses with chopped artichokes and spinach, topped with broiled cheddar cheese. Served with our homemade garlic pita chips.

Dumplings - $12.95
Homemade pork dumplings steamed and drizzled with our special sweet and spicy sauce, served on a bed of rice.

Bruschetta - $10.95
Fresh tomatoes mixed with garlic and spices on grilled sour dough baguette. Your choice of parmesan cheese, or feta and sliced avocado

Turchicken Sliders - $10.95
Try our homemade mixture of ground turkey and chicken breast patties, seasoned and grilled topped with grated carrot and sliced avocado. Dressed with our garlic mayo and served on sour dough buns.


We have a wide range of homemade soups made fresh each day. Please ask server.
Bowl - $7.25
Cup - $5.25

Also we make Spinach n Cheddar or Ham n Cheddar Muffins as well as our Grilled Cornbread  made fresh daily.  $3.00

Fresh romaine hearts, pepper, cucumber, tomatoes and grated carrots.
Meal - $8.95
Side - $6.95

Romaine hearts tossed in our homemade garlic Caesar dressing, croutons, parmesan cheese and served with garlic toast.
Meal - $10.95
Side - $8.50

Lottie’s Layered
Layers of romaine, sliced egg, tomato, cheddar cheese and crumbled bacon topped with sliced avocado.
Meal - $13.95
Asian Salad

Steamed white rice alongside shredded romaine, cucumber, grated carrot and your choice of the section below at no additional charge.
Meal - $14.95
Grilled chicken breast, chili chicken, chilli salmon or blackened salmon to any salad for an additional - $4.00

Chicken Chipotle - $14.95
Consisting of chopped romaine hearts, layered with cheddar cheese, grilled chicken and bacon that’s been marinated in our chipotle sauce and topped with avocado.


All sandwiches are served with veggies and dip lil cup of soup or tossed salad!

Egg Salad - $6.50
A seasoned mixed of grated egg on our multi-grain bread.

PJ Melt - $7.95
Our toasted multi-grain bread layered with ham then broiled with cheddar cheese and topped with sliced tomato and sprinkled black pepper.

Meat Caprice - $7.95
Toasted multi-grain bread with a garlic herb cream cheese spread. Filled with ham, cheese, grated carrot, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, assorted peppers and hot peppers topped with our house salad dressing.

Veggie Caprice - $7.75
Toasted multi-grain bread with a garlic herb cream cheese spread. Filled with sliced avocado, cheese, grated carrot, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, assorted peppers and hot peppers topped with our house salad dressing.

Jordan’s Grill - $7.95
Sauteed peppers and grilled ham, shredded carrot, cucumber, cheese and topped with our spicy ranch dressing on our toasted multi-grain bread.

B.A.L.T - $7.95
Bacon, Avocado, Lettuce and Tomato with our homemade seasoned mayo served on a toasted multi-grain bread.

Breakfast Grill - $10.95
Toasted multi-grain bread layered cheese, egg, more cheese, and then grilled ham and crisp bacon. Served with ouur home made hashbrowns.

Chicken Chipotle - $11.95
Chicken breast grilled, topped with crispy bacon, cheese, sliced avocado and our homemade chipotle sauce served on a grilled sourdough baguette.

Tuna Melt - $11.25
Multi-grain bread topped with spicy tuna and sliced avocado and broiled cheddar cheese.

Stuffed Meatball Sandwich - $11.25 Homemade meatballs topped with simmered sauce and our cheese blend, broiled on a grilled ciabatta bun.

Café Club - $12.95
Start off with our toasted multi-grain bread filled with grilled chicken breast, ham and crisp bacon. Topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, sliced avocado, and our homemade mustard sauce.

Chili - $12.95
Our famous homemade chili is served piping hot, topped with a melted cheddar cheese blend, choice of garlic toast or grilled cornbread.

We now have a “Gluten Free” Bread that can be substituted in any sandwich at an additional $1.50 charge.

Daily Specials From Our Uncle Simons Spagetti n Sauce to our choice of Chicken or Spicy Tuna Quesidillas


Regular Drip Coffee - $2.50- bottomless cup
Tea (regular and herbal) - $2.50
Pop - $2.50 (includes one free refill)
Ice Tea, Lemonade - $2.75
Orange or Apple Juice, and Chocolate Milk - $3.50

Hot Chocolate - $4.50
Genuine steamed chocolate milk topped with whipped cream and caramel and chocolate sauce.

Chai Latte - $4.50
Everyone’s favorite! Steamed milk mixed with our special chai mix and topped with whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon.

London Fog - $4.50
Steamed milk with steeped earl grey tea and vanilla flavoring.


We have a wide variety of fresh baking that is done each day, choices include Blueberry n Cream Muffins, Cherry Cheese Cake, Lemon Mergue Pie, Banana Coconut Cream Pie, Double Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake, Kuchen, Love Cake.........the list goes on

What we do always have in the dessert bar and has become quite popular is our…

Double Chocolate Brownie - $9.95
This decadent dessert starts with a warmed brownie topped with ice cream, whipped cream, crushed skor bar, and drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce. A dessert well worth sharing.

Puff Wheat Squares - $3.50
Made with gooey marshmallows and maple syrup.

Café Caprice also does catering for all types of occasions and functions.

We cater to accommodate YOU!!

Please see Lottie or Michael for details
Or call – 403-526-8767


Inside Cafe Caprice

Inside Cafe Caprice
Inside Cafe Caprice

Inside Cafe Caprice
Inside Cafe Caprice

Inside Cafe Caprice


#1 Person 2012-06-23 14:25
The place looks good, the food sounds good, I think i'll try to talk my parents into going there tonight. Person out!

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