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1051 Ross Glen Drive SE
Medicine Hat
T1B 3T8
Phone: 403.529.2222


Chipotle Dusted Shrimps $11.49
Crisp fried shrimpswith a trio of dipping sauces consisting of basil remulade, ancho aioli, cocktail sauce

Spicy Queso Sticks $7.99
Spicy cheese sticks crustedin tortilla chips served with guacamole & sour cream

Caesar Salad $8.99
Tossed in our own special Caesar Dressing topped with Garlic Croutons and fresh Parmesan
add Grilled Chicken Breast $ 4.25

Party Platter $26.99
Nachos, BBQ Chicken Wings, Cheese Pizza wedges, Potato Skins, Buffalo Chicken Fingers,
Battered Mushrooms, Carrot & Celery Sticks

Wings $10.99
The Classic Appetizer! One pound of crisp Chicken Wings served to your taste of Hot, Honey Garlic, Barbeque, Teriyaki or Salt & Pepper

Volcanic Nachos $14.99
Crisp Tortilla shells, smothered in mounds of ground Cheddar, Mozza, Peppers, Onions & Jalapenos,Dip them in Salsa & Sour Cream
Add Guacamole for $1.99
Add Chicken or Beef for $4.25

Bone In Dry Ribs $10.49
Seasoned with a blend of Garlic, Black Pepper, Sea Salt sided with chili sauce for DippingTry them tossed in your choice of hot, honey garlic, bbq or teriyaki

Potato Skins $10.49
Baked Potato Shells covered in Cheddar, Mozza, Green Onion & Bacon beside Sour Cream

Quesadilla $8.99
Stuffed with Onions, diced Peppers, Tomatoes, Jalapeno& a blend of Cheese beside Salsa & Sour Cream
add Grilled Chicken Breast $ 4.25

Appetizers After Five…..

Duck Spring Roll $9.99
Duck breast rolled with crisp vegetables, on a bed of green papaya slaw with chili glaze

Spinach Salad $8.49
Fresh seasonal berries and diced mango over top fresh spinach tossed in raspberry vinaigrette

Shrimp Tempura $11.99
Tempura battered Shrimp, Sweet Potato and Asparagus served with a Basil Remoulade for dipping

Stuffed Scallop $11.99
Prosciutto & wild mushroom stuffed scallop with roasted garlic cream

Tenderloin Bites $11.49
Beef tenderloin pieces wrapped in double smoked bacon with buffalo yogurt dipping sauce

Crispy Chicken Roll $9.99
Panko crumbed &deep fried crispy chicken rolls served with golden apricot & pepper jam

Seafood Bisque $11.99
Blue point mussels P.E.I Scallops, shrimps & crab blended in our creamy bisque & drizzled with herb oil

M Salad $8.49
Mache lettuce, asparagus, Red Peppers, truffle oil, balsamic


Steak Sandwich $13.99
Juicy and Tender Grilled Rib Eyewith giant Beefeater Onion Rings atop a wedge of toasty Focaccia Bread, always a favorite with French Fries

Club House $12.99
Grilled Chicken Breast, Sliced Tomato, Double smoked Bacon & Cheddar Cheese between your
choice of Texas Toast

Prime Rib Dip $13.99
Tender roasted Alberta AAA Prime Rib shaved and loaded with fried onions & provolone cheese atop Garlic Panini Loaf beside French Au Jus Dip

Ruben $11.99
Corned beef, Thousand Island Dressing, Warm Sauerkraut, swiss cheese sandwiched between grilled rye bread

Deli Pizza Panini $11.99
Grilled garlic Panini loafwith salami, capicollo, pepperoni,melted provolone &tangy tomato sauce

Szechwan Chicken Wrap $11.99
Chicken Breast tossed in Teriyaki, Szechwan Sauce mixed with fresh Vegetables & Asian steamed noodles

Chicken Kaiser $12.99
Choice of Fire Grilled Chicken or Crispy Fried Buffalo Tossed with all the fixings
and finished with your choice of Cheddaror Swiss

Lodge Burger $10.99
Our 6 oz AAA Prime Rib Burger served with the traditional burger toppings
add cheese (swiss ,cheddar ,provolone) $1.49
add sautéed mushrooms $0.99
add bacon (double smoked or regular) $1.49
add extra 6oz patty $2.49

All Sandwiches & Wraps come with Your Choice of unlimited Fries,soup orTossed Salad
or substitute Caesar Salador Sweet Potato Fries for $1.49

Features After Five…..

Prime Rib 8oz $25.99
Slow roasted AAA AlbertaPrime Rib with Yorkshire Pudding and Au Jus

Mediterranean Stack $16.99
Breaded Chick pea patty with layers of grilled vegetables & goats cheese over pomodoro sauce

Fire Grilled Rack of Lamb $31.99
Individually Grilled Lamb Chops on a bed of Maple Yam Root Hash

Grilled Bison Rib Eye $28.99
Rib Steak grilled to your liking and topped with a spicy red onion marmalade

Chicken Manchurian $17.99
Tender Seasoned Chicken, sautéed Vegetables tossed with Chili Sauce & Chow Mein Noodles

Porcini Mushroom Ravioli $14.99
Tender porcini mushroom stuffed ravioli pasta with spicy vodka tomato cream sauce & julienne vegetables

Grilled Swordfish $22.99
Swordfish steak served with wilted spinach & classic lemon butter sauce

Chicken Escalope $24.99
Pan seared Chicken Breast over top of a Double Smoked Bacon, Sundried Tomato, Artichoke, Mushroom Cream

All Entrees items come with your choice of starch and chef’s daily vegetables

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