Local Public Eatery

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Local Public Eatery
579 3rd St SE
Medicine Hat
T1A 0H2
Phone: 403-487-5600

Mon-Thurs 11am-midnight  Fri/Sat 11am-2am  Sun 11am - 11pmLate Night Menu - Cheap Eats 11pm - CLOSEBrunch Menu Saturdays/ Sundays & Holidays 11am - 3pmTHURSDAY NIGHTS- Live Music on the Patio with The Straight Jackets.                ( weather permiting)MINORS ALLOWED UNTIL 8PM


Burger Sliders 10
Sweet custard bun, American cheese & special sauce

Crispy Calamari 9
With ginger, chilies, arugula & celery remoulade

Gyoza 10
Japanese pork dumplings with sesame soy sauce

Fully Loaded Nachos 18    Half Nachos 9
Pulled chicken, sour cream, avocado, Jack cheese & more

Spicy Edamame 8
Garlic, chili & sesame seeds

Dry Ribs 8
Lemon pepper & salt

Yam Fries 8
Truffle lemon mayonnaise and pecorino cheese

Hot Wings 10  add celery +1
Blue cheese dip and veggies

Poutine 8
With Quebec cheese curds and miso gravy

Cheese Bread 7.50
Thick cut Texas toast, bubbly five cheese spread

Entrée Salads

West Coast Chopped Salad 14
Grilled chicken, golden beets, free range eggs, bacon, Italian gouda

Tijuana Chicken Caesar Salad 12                                                                                                            
LOCAL caesar dressing, spice crouton, parmesan

#1 Sushi Grade Ahi Salad 15
Seared tuna, tomatoes, kalamata olives,goat cheese, pine nuts


House-Made Organic Veggie Burger 14
Brown rice, arugula, almonds & melted Jack cheese

Tuna Club Sandwich 16
Seared rare tuna, smoked bacon, avocado, melted cheddar

Steak Sandwich 18
Grilled 7oz CAB® top sirloin, garlic toast, tomato salad & fries

Crispy Chicken Sandwich 14
Portuguese bun, coleslaw & BBQ mustard sauce

Press Burgers

Rustic seeded bun & griddled, fresh ground chuck & hand pressed patty, all the groceries. Served with out signature fires. Sub yam fries for $1

Press Burger 11

Miso mayo, mustard, all the groceries

Press with Cheddar 13
3 year old aged Canadian cheddar

The Deluxe 15
Smoked bacon & aged cheddar the classic way

The Drylander 15
Goat cheese with grilled mushrooms

The “Gas City” Burger 15
Cheddar and Jack cheeses, hot sauce, pickledjalapeños & onions


Eggs Benedict 12
Poached free-range eggs, back bacon & hollandaise

Veggie Benedict 12
Eggs, griddled tomato, ripe avocado & hollandaise

Cinnamon French Toast 9
French bread, stewed berries & whipped cream

Steak & Eggs 16
Free range eggs, 7oz CAB® Top Sirloin & country potatoes

Huevos Rancheros 12
Corn tortillas, aged cheddar, black beans & tomato salsa

Fried Egg Sandwich 12
Free-range egg, aged cheddar & smoked bacon ongriddled sourdough

LOCAL Features

Baja Chicken Tacos 4.50/each
Crispy chicken, shredded cabbage, pico de gallo

Baja Fish Tacos 4.50/each
Beer battered fish, shredded cabbage, pico de gallo

Seasonal Fish MKT
Usually fish & chips with house-made tartar sauce

Huevos Rancheros with Free-Range Eggs 12
Fresh corn tortillas, cheddar & Jack cheese, black beans, salsa

Chicken Quesadilla 11
Pulled chicken, nacho cheese, Tabasco coleslaw & refried beans


Bag of Chocolate Cookies 5
These items can be made gluten-free with modifications, please inform your server that you are ordering the gluten-free version.

Late Night Cheap Eats EVERYDAY 11PM-CLOSE

  • Gyoza 6
  • Spicy Edamame 5
  • Poutine 5
  • Hot Wings 5
  • Yam Fries 5
  • Chips & Salsa 3
  • Single Sliders 3
  • 1/2 Nachos 8'

On the Side

  • Hand-Made Guacamole 5
  • Fresh Tortilla Chips & Salsa 5
  • House Coleslaw 3
  • Refried Black Beans 3
  • Nice Little Salad 5
  • Caesar Salad 5
  • Feature Soup 5


The Famous $4 Glass of Wine Red or White $4
Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a cheap, tasty glass of wine...We aren’t going to tell you what it is, what the grape is, or where it’s from. Just keep your expectations high and your wallet full!


Light and Tasty: Cuvée Jean-Paul White, France
GLS ($7) BTL ($28)

Chardonnay: Whatchamacallit, California
GLS ($8) BTL ($32)

Gewürztraminer: See Ya Later Ranch, BC
GLS ($8) BTL ($32)

Pinot Gris: Red Rooster, BC
GLS ($9) BTL ($36)

Sauvignon Blanc: The People's, New Zealand
GLS ($10) BTL ($40)


Light and Tasty: Cuvée Jean-Paul Red, France
GLS ($7) BTL ($28)

Red Blend: Whatchamacallit, Italy
GLS ($8) BTL ($32)

Malbec: Catena Alamos, Argentina
GLS ($8) BTL ($32)

Cabernet Sauvignon: Cycles Gladiator, California
GLS ($9) BTL ($36)

Red Blend: Secco Bertani Valpolicella Ripasso, Italy                                                                  
GLS ($10) BTL ($40)




Lucky Lemonade $8 - 2oz
The opposite of walking under a ladder. Jack Daniel’s, Lemonade and Guava Juice on ice. Served in a boot.

El Caesar $8 - 2oz
The Wild West in a glass. Smirnoff Vodka, Mott’s Clamato Juice, very special Mexican hot sauce, other spices and topped with a pepperoni stick snack. Served in a boot.

Kung Fu Punch $8 - 2oz
The Chuck Norris of cocktails. Lots of different juice (aka punch) with a bit of a kick (Smirnoff Orange Vodka). Obviously served in a boot.

Baja Margarita $8 - 2oz
A vacation in a glass. Cuervo Tequila, sweet n sour, lemon salted rim and a splash of Grand Marnier. ...NOT IN A BOOT


The Local Refresher $5 - 1oz $7 - 2oz $18 - Pitcher
A brisk slap in the face. Appleton VX Rum, Cranberry Cocktail and Ginger Ale on lots of ice.

The Iron Fist Mojito $5 - 1oz $7 - 2oz $18 - Pitcher
From Cuba with love. Appleton VX Rum, Lime Juice, pulverized mint and Soda Water.

Pimm’s & Ginger $5 - 1oz $7 - 2oz $18 - Pitcher
Preferred drink of British people everywhere. Pimms No 1 Cup, ginger ale and cucumber on the rocks with fruit.

Medicine(al) Sangria $5 - Tall $16 - Pitcher
Red wine, Spanish brandy and fruit = excellent summer time drink.

Michelada $7 -Tall                                                                                                                             
A bottle of Pacifico, clamato juice, spices & fresh lime served in a tall salted sleeve.


Pink Martini $7 - 2oz
Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka, Cranberry Juice and Lemonade.

Green Martini $7 - 2oz
Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka, Sour Puss Apple and sweet n sour.

Blue Martini $7 - 2oz
Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, Blue Curacao and sweet n sour.


  • House Pour-El Jimador Reposado: $5.50 - 1oz $7.50 - 2oz
  • Olmeca Gold: $5.75 - 1oz $7.75 - 2oz
  • Herradura Reposado: $7.95 - 1oz $10.95 - 2oz
  • Don Julio Blanco: $9.75 - 1oz $13.75 - 2oz
  • Don Julio Reposado: $11.75 - 1oz $15.75 - 2oz
  • Patrón Silver: $11.75 - 1oz $15.75 - 2oz
  • Patrón Gold: $13.75 - 1oz $19.75 - 2oz

Make Any Tequila into a Margarita for $3


Jager Bomb $7
Jagermeister (1oz) dropped into Red Bull energy drink

Vitamin C $7
Smirnoff Orange Vodka (1oz) dropped into Red Bull energy drink

Dr. Pepper $7
Di Saronno Amaretto (1oz) dropped into Beer and Coke

Sake Bomb $7
Warm Sake (1oz) dropped into cold Beer (3oz). Sakeee bommaaaa!

Jack Hammer $7
Jack Daniels (1oz) dropped into Red Bull energy drink and Pineapple Juice

Irish Car Bomb $8
Baileys (.5oz) and Irish Whiskey (.5oz) dropped into Guinness Stout (3oz)

Shotgun Blast $8
A can of Pabst Blue Ribbon (355ml) with a shot of Jack Daniels (1oz)


The Alexander Radler $ 5.50                                                                                                       
11oz sleeve Alexander Keiths and a splash of Pink Grapefruit Juice.

Red Samurai $5.50
Sapporo (12oz) and a splash of Pomegranate Juice

The Crazy Idea $5.50
Bud Light (12oz) and a splash of Lemonade


All-American Mondays
Sleeves of Budweiser for $3.50
Great American Buckets. 3 Beers for $12 ($4/bottle)

True East Tuesdays
120z sleeves of Steam Whistle Pilsner and Alexander Keith’s IPA $4

Windy Wednesdays
12oz sleeves of Stanley Park Amber Ale and Unibroue Blanche de Chambly $4

Hippy Thursdays
120z sleeves of Mill St. Organic Lager and Yukon Red Amber Ale $4. Trash Buckets: 3 cans of beer for $12 ($4/bottle)

Finally Fridays
120z sleeves of Sapporo lager and Tree Hop Head IPA $4.50

Stay Healthy Saturdays
12oz sleeves of Blanche De Chambly and Alley Kate Aprikat Wheat Ale $4.50

Recovery Room Sundays
12oz sleeves of Bud Light $3.50
El Caesar in a Boot: $6 doubles
Micheladas $5.50

Lightweight Crisp & Refreshing Lagers

Bud Light American-style Lager
Origin: USA 12oz Sleeve $5.50/48oz Pitcher $16
Best known as: The Guy’s Guy. #1 selling beer in the world; brewed using a blend of rice and malted barley for a crisp smooth finish.

Budweiser American-style Lager
Origin: USA 12oz Sleeve $5.50 Bottle $5.33/48oz Pitcher $16
Best known as: The All American. Labatt knows of no other beer that costs so much to brew and age.

Sapporo Lager
Origin: Hokkaido, Japan 12oz Sleeve $5.50/48oz Pitcher $16
Best known as: The Big Ego. Rich, golden colour with a tight and creamy foam head.

Gringo Cerveza Mexican Style Lager
Origin: The Beach 12oz sleever: $4/48oz pitcher $14
Best known as: The Dreamer. Not Sure who made thie beer or where it came from but sure that it's a crisp, clean tasting lager.

Pacifico Mexican-style Pilsner
Origin: Mazatlan, Mexico 341ml Bottle - $5.67
Best known as: The Traditional One. Refreshing smooth taste, with a long tradition in Mexico.

Mickey’s Wide Mouth Fine Malt Liquor
Origin: Milwaukee, Wisconsin 355ml Bottle - $5.67
Best known as: The Small-Town Kid. Wide mouth comes in a wide bottle, often called “the green grenade.”

Coors Light American Style Lager
Origin: Colorado 341ml Bottle - $5.50
Best known as: The Silver Bullet. Coors believes nothing is better than a cold, fresh beer and so they developed the sterile fill process back in 1959.

Miller Genuine Draft Lager
Origin: Milwaukee, WI 355ml Bottle: $5.75
Best Know as: The clear one. MGD is cold filtered which removes any harsh or better elements, giving it a fresh smooth flavor.

Old Faithfuls

Lucky Lager 355ml $4.33 - The pride of Vancouver Island since 1934

Pabst Blue Ribbon 355ml $4.33 - A favourite amongst wise men since 1893

Old Style Pilsner 355ml $4.33 - The pride of the flatlands since 1926

Light Heavyweight - Light Bodied, More Flavour

Alexander Keiths India Pale Ale
Origin: Halifax, Nova Scotia 12oz Sleeve $5.50/48oz Pitcher $16
Best known as: A Man With Principles. “Brewed without compromise since 1920”, this smooth golden ale is mellow aged for smoothness; slightly floral hop character and crisp finish.

Steam Whistle Pilsner
Origin: Toronto, Ontario 12oz Sleeve $5.50/48oz Pitcher $16
Best known as: Mike’s hometown pick. A refreshing brew with a tasty malt flavour and a crisp clean finish.

Mill St. Organic Lager
Origin: Toronto, Ontario 12oz Sleeve $5.50/48oz Pitcher $16
Best known as: The Good One. When a beer is 100% Organic and is this refreshing one is never enough.

Unibroue Blanche de Chambly White Ale
Origin: Chambly, Quebec 12oz Sleeve $6.50/48oz Pitcher $19
Best known as: The Volunteer: The first refermented white beer made in North America to Belgium specs this beer has subtle aromas of spice and citrus flavours

Pilsner Urquell Pilsner
Origin: Pilsen, Czech Republic Bottle - $5.75
Best known as: The original. In 1898 the proud people of Pilsen named their beloved beer Pilsner Urquell, meaning the “Pisner from the original source”.

Red Stripe Lager
Origin: Kingston, Jamaica 330ml Bottle - $5.75
Best known as: With its roots going back to 1928 in Kingston, this crisp lager has long embodied the laid back attitude of Jamaica.

Stella Artois Pilsner
Origin: Leuven, Belgium 330 ml Bottle - $5.75
Best known as: The Worldly One. A best-seller in 80+ countries. Full flavour and quality assured through a superior 9-step brewing process.

The Bucket List

Trash Bucket
You hillbilly. A can each of Pabst Blue Ribbon, Lucky Lager and Old Style Pilsner. 3 beers for $13 ($4.33/can)

The Great American
3 ice cold bottles of Budweiser. $16 ($5.33/bottle)

The Cheap Vacation
For the beach. 3 bottles of Pacifico. 3 for $17 ($5.67/bottle)

Heavy Artillery
3 green grenades (aka Mickeys Wide Mouths) on ice. 3 beers for $17 ($5.67/bottle)

Middle Weight - Medium Bodied Ales & Brews with Fruity Flavour

Granville Island “Cypress” Honey Lager
Origin: Vancouver, BC 12oz Sleeve $5.50/48oz Pitcher $16
Best known as: The High Achiever. Not sticky, just pure lager flavors with a perfect touch of real BC honey.

Alley Kat "Aprikat" Apricot Wheat Ale
Origin: Edmonton, Alberta 12oz Sleeve $5.50/48oz Pitcher $16
Best known as: Teacher's Pet. An experiment gone right! A spin on a traditional German wheat ale; crips, fruity but not sweet.

Stanley Park Amber Ale
Origin: Delta, BC 12oz Sleeve $5.50/48oz Pitcher $16
Best known as: The Real Deal. One of Europe’s best Brewmasters now doing what he does best in Western Canada?

Yukon Red Amber Ale
Origin: Whitehorse, Yukon 12oz Sleeve $5.50/48oz Pitcher $16
Best known as: The Sled Dog. Cools the parched lips & moistend the cheeks.

Negra Modelo Dunkel Lager
Origin: Mazatlan, Mexico 325 ml Bottle $5.67
Best known as: The tanned one. This bright, dark amber is the best selling dark beer in Mexico.

Heavy Weight - Full Flavoured Ales

Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale
Origin: Bend, Oregon 12 oz sleeve: $6.50/48 oz pitcher $19
Best Known as: base camp. A distinct Cascade hop nose and flavor make this the quintessential American Pale Ale. We love it.

Tree Brewing Hop Head IPA
Origin: Kelowna, BC 12 oz sleeve: $5.50/48 oz pitcher $16
Best Known as: the bitter one. This is a full bodied IPA for those who take their hops seriously, also known as hop heads.

Granville Island Winter Ale
Origin: Kelowna, BC 12 oz sleeve: $5.50 /48 oz pitcher $16
Best Known as: the vanilla one. This beer uses caramel malts and moderate hop bitterness to give balance to the sweeter vanilla notes in the beer.

Guinness Stout
Origin: Dublin, Ireland 20 oz Pint $8
Best known as: The Dark Horse. Smooth, dark, velvety and satisfying to the last drop.

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