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The Patio Cafe’s Catering Menu

    • Snack Party Tray with meats, pepperoni, salami, cheese cubes and crackers – $6.50/person
    • Antipasta Tray with assorted pickles, olives, roasted peppers, onions – $2.50/person
    • Cheese Tray Domestic – $4.95/person
    • Cheese Tray International – $6.95/person
    • Cheese and Fruit Tray Domestic – $5.95/person
    • Fruit Trays – $4.95/person
    • Meat, Cheese & Buns $6.95/person (ham, roast beef, chicken breast)
    • Vegetable Tray – $2.50/person
    • Pickle Tray $2.00/person (no charge with sandwich tray)
    • Hot Hors d’oeuvres customized to your request (priced accordingly)
    • Cold Hors d’oeuvres party trays customized to your request (priced accordingly)
    • Appetizers customized to your request (priced accordingly)
    • Chocolate Fountain – ‘Priced by quantity’
    • SOUPS:

    • We make a wide variety of soups, let us know what your preference is. – $3.75 per person

    • We use a wide variety of breads and buns $6.95 per person. (made by Dee’s Bakery)
    • Our trays include fresh chicken breast, roast beef, black forest ham, pastrami, egg salad, tuna salad, real cheese is added to the meat sandwiches: we also use cheddar and real swiss cheese on our sandwich trays. Vegetarian Sandwich with avacado and vegetables.
    • *All these trays include a small pickle tray.
    • SALADS:

    • Your choices are tossed, coleslaw, potato, pasta, greek, waldorf, marinated vegetables, quinoa, spinach salad w/strawberries and mushrooms and raspberry dressing, Kale healthy choice salad, you can also request a salad of your choice. – $3.50 per person. Caesar $3.75 / Ambrosia $3.75
    • ENTREES:

      Lunches are served a little smaller than dinner. Both include your choice of salad, and an assorted dessert tray. If you would like we can also serve buns with your meal. Add $4.00 to any Dinner Entree price listed here.

    • Our famous Lasagna with Garlic Toast – $14.95 Lunch
    • Chicken Alfredo on fettucini noodles, Chicken breast with Garlic Toast – $16.95 Lunch
    • Roast Beef with your choice of potato, vegetable and gravy- $27.95 Lunch / with Yorkshire $29.95
    • BBQ Pulled Pork on a Bun – $14.25 Lunch
    • BBQ Beef on a Bun – $13.95 Lunch
    • Baked Glazed Ham and Scalloped Potatoes, vegetables – $18.25 Lunch
    • Quesadilla: Chicken breast, bell pepper, onions, tomatoes and cheddar cheese – $13.95
    • Chicken Cordon Bleu: Chicken breast stuffed with ham and swiss cheese, with rice and vegetable – $20.95 Lunch
    • Chicken Parmesan: Chicken breast topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and Parmesan cheese with pasta and vegetable – $18.95 Lunch
    • Prime Rib dinner with Yorkshire Pudding, stuffed baked potato and vegetables and au jus – (Market Price) Lunch
    • Stuffed Pork Loin with potatoe and vegetable- $24.95 Lunch
    • Chicken Kabobs with rice – $18.95
    • Baked Salmon with rice or potatoes and vegetable – $19.95 Lunch
    • Chicken Cacciatore, with pasta – $17.95
    • Homemade Beef Stew w/cheese biscuits – $15.95 Lunch
    • Meat Loaf w/mashed potatoes and vegetable – $15.95 Lunch
    • Beef Stroganoff served with butter egg noodles – $17.50 Lunch
    • Homemade Chili with a bun – $12.95/person Lunch
    • Wiener Schnitzel with spaetzel and vegetable – $15.95 Lunch
    • Meat Balls, your choice of flavours, with rice – $15.95 Lunch
    • Chicken or Pork Souvlaki with rice, Tzaziki sauce and pita bread – $15.95 Lunch
    • Chicken or Pork Stirfry with rice – $15.95 Lunch
    • Pepper Steak w/wine sauce with rice or roast potatoes – $16.95 Lunch
    • Stuffed Peppers (meat filling) – $15.95 Lunch (vegetable rice filling available)
    • Perogies, Sausage and Sauerkraut – $15.95 Lunch
    • Meat & Rice Cabbage Rolls in Tomato Sauce – $15.95 Lunch
    • Rouladen & Spätzle – $16.95 Lunch
    • Bratwurst & Lyonaise Potatoes & Sauerkraut – $16.95 Lunch
    • Beef or Chicken Pot Pie – $15.95 Lunch
    • Ask about our specialty items and features

    • All pizzas include cheese: all of our pizzas are made with in house-made pizza dough and pizza
    • We have 2 sizes of pizzas: Individual approximately 5×9 inches – $8.95 for 2 toppings,$0.95 for additional topping.
    • The large pizza is approximately 11×17 inches – $23.95 for 2 toppings,$2.00 for each additional topping.
    • Toppings: pepperoni, salami, Canadian back bacon, ground beef, ham, mushroom, tomatoes, onions, pineapple, bell peppers, feta cheese, artichoke hearts.

    • Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Sausages, & Hashbrowns – $12.95 per person add a Pancake for an additional $1.50
    • Order of 2 Pancakes – $3.00
    • In house made muffins, cinnamon buns, tea biscuits, cheese biscuits, assorted or custom order – $3.00 per person
    • Breakfast Sandwich: Egg and cheese with your choice of sausage or bacon, includes hashbrowns – $6.95 per person
    • Breakfast Croissant: Egg, bacon, cheese & tomato, includes Hashbrowns – $7.25 per person
    • Breakfast Burrito: Scrambled egg, w/peppers & tomato served with salsa & sour cream, served with hashbrowns – $7.50 per person
    • Breakfast Bake – eggs, milk, bread layered with bacon, sausage, ham and cheese w/hashbrowns – $11.95/person
    • Mini Breakfast Quiche – Ham & Cheese / Sausage & Cheese / Spinach & Feta / Bacon & Onion or your choice (can be a variety, works well with a fruit tray and mini muffin buffet) – 2 Quiches per person for $2.00
    • *If you would like something that is not on the menu ask us and we will try to accommodate your request.
    • We also have products for Gluten Free Diets and we do provide Vegetarian & Veggan Meals as well.
    • Prices may vary due to economic changes and do not include GST
    • $8.00 in town delivery charge / $14.00 out of town delivery charge
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